This week marked the release of results for the Matric Class of 2013. Whilst many are celebrating success after twelve years hard work, the reality is that the current crop of South African Matriculants will struggle to find jobs. It’s a tough job market out there – both here in South Africa and in the rest of the world. To achieve success in this job market, says economic researcher Piet Le Roux, you must be interested in improving yourself by furthering your studies. Explains Le Roux, the Labour Absorption Rate for Matrics – or the number of Matriculants who are employed – is only 50%. (Listen to his interview on Eye Witness News in which he cautions that Matric is just a stepping stone).

Choose Your Career Wisely

But going on to tertiary education is no guarantee, either – sadly, many intelligent, talented and qualified graduates battle to land jobs, as well. That’s why it’s vitally important that an individual chooses to pursue a qualification in a growth area (one in which the demand outstrips the supply). Think of the so-called scarce skills industries – there are far more opportunities for appropriately skilled individuals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers than there are in saturated industries like, for example, Media and Film. Heed this advice from the Department of Labour: Choosing to study a scarce skill will not only help you find a job more easily, but chances are you’ll be better paid, progress to the top of your career path more easily and find opportunities all over the world.

Want a Hot Job?

If you’re in the market for a career, browse through the Department of Labour’s Scarce Skills Brochure. Note: technicians and trade workers are in demand! Next, take a look at this infographic to find out what jobs are hot and happening, right now. See that not all of them involve university study – good news for those youngsters who lack the inclination or money for university.  Unsurprisingly, our preoccupation with apps, social media and health and fitness is spurring career opportunities. 

Top 10 Job Titles That Didn�t Exist 5 Years Ago
by taniacreative.
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