For the world's most beloved brands, love equals power, growth and therefore profit, says Canadian brand guru Graham Robertson. But what makes people become so attached to brands that they virtually fall in love with them? Robertson plots this attachment on the so-called Brand Love Curve - the further along this curve your brand sits, he argues, the more power it has. This is because, as the brand moves from 'Liked' to 'Love it' to 'Beloved Brand for Life', consumers' fundamental motivations change - 'demand becomes desire; needs become cravings; thinking is replaced with feelings and consumers become outspoken fans', says Robertson. It's important brands understand where they sit on this curve so that they can start working on how to generate brand love - in highly competitive markets, you may survive by being liked, explains Robertson, but you thrive by being loved'. 
Did you know that brand love and interpersonal love operate on the same principles? What's true in love is true for brands, argues the infographic below. 

Fall in Love
by FlagshipConsulting.
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