Here at MARIE ROCHER COPYWRITING, we describe ourselves as a boutique content agency. But what exactly do we mean by that? Read on to find out...

What is a Boutique Business?
Many of us are most familiar with the term boutique being used in relation to small fashion or clothing and accessories stores - in fact, the word boutique is derived from the French for 'small shop'. But a boutique clothing store is so much more than just a small shop - some of the words you might associate with a fashion boutique include:
  • High-class
  • Exclusivity
  • Sophistication
  • Uniqueness
  • Quality
  • Specialisation
  • Excellence. 
But boutique can also be used to describe any business which services a sophisticated or select clientele (Oxford English Dictionary) or which provides specialised services for a specific market segment (Investopedia). Think of:

Characteristics of a Boutique Business

Boutique businesses are defined by their:
  • Small size - either in terms of physical space or number of employees
  • Specific scope of works - boutique businesses are not one-stop shops but focus on very particular and specialised niche areas
  • Highly qualified personnel - workers in boutique businesses aren't jack-of-all trade, entry-level workers, but offer specialised expertise and skills gained through both the acquisition of gruelling formal knowledge and years of experience in servicing their industries
  • Select clientele - the small size and special focus of a boutique business means that it takes on very specific clients, with whom there is an excellent fit
  • Service excellence - its small size also guarantees that clients of a boutique business are assured of personal, individual attention and high levels of dedicated service, in a warm and congenial atmosphere
  • Value-added offerings - boutique businesses may not be the cheapest in town; in fact, they don't position themselves as budget offerings. Rather, they add value to products and services by emphasising quality, service and meticulous attention to detail. 

Go Boutique or Go Home!

Should you opt for a boutique business or a large corporate organisation with many departments and lots of staff? When it comes to copywriting, we can safely say that boutique is better. We take pleasure in offering clients:
  • Highly educated and qualified content writers who are native speakers of the languages in which they write
  • Genuinely talented copywriters with outstanding levels of language proficiency, a pleasing turn-of-phrase and a knack for persuading, entertaining and informing readers 
  • Service-oriented writers who'll listen to and follow briefs and accommodate changes*
  • Custom-created content, painstakingly researched and crafted especially for your particular audiences
  • Quick turn-around times - we know that time is money!
  • Bang for your buck - we may not charge rock-bottom prices but we also don't charge the astronomical fees that larger creative agencies do. We're focused on providing quality content and excellent service - for a fair and reasonable fee.
  • Direct access to the business owner - there's no gate-keeping here; the boss is passionate about the business and gets stuck in!
*Two proofs of copy are accommodated for in project rates. Further copy changes are charged for at the minimum hourly rate. 

The client is at the centre of a boutique business

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