Believe it or not, there are still many websites out there which don’t feature search engine optimised web content. Is yours one of them? If your website exhibits any of the following features, then you need to give it an SEO overhaul 

  1. Not enough web content –Many websites simply lack content. Not only will visitors to your website find it frustrating not to find the information they’re looking for, but search engines may not even index your site, so you will be lucky to have any web visitors at all!  Search engines, like Google, prize web content above everything else. So, while spending money on good, visually appealing web design is important, it’s equally important to spend money on web content. Here are five reasons why you should invest in SEO web copy
  2. No meta-tags – it’s surprising how many web developers out there fail to implement the fundamentals of SEO, like not assigning meta-tags to web pages. Your website’s visitors won’t see your meta-tags, but search engines will. In fact, they rely on them to learn more about each page in your website. Important meta-tags include the <title> tag; meta description tag and meta keywords tag. These meta-tags should include your focus SEO keywords. Have the meta-tags for your website been completed correctly? Don’t take your web developer’s word for it; take a look yourself. To see the meta-tags for each of your website’s web pages, right click on the web page and click ‘View source’.
  3. Duplicate content – search engines really aren’t keen on duplicate content; in fact Google penalises websites which duplicate content, shifting them further down the Search Engine Results Page. A page needs to be at least 25% different from another not to be considered a duplicate. The best way to ensure that your site doesn’t feature duplicate content is to hire an SEO copywriter to craft you the high quality, original web content that search engines like.
  4. No links – internal and external links are another important factor determining how high your website will rank on the Search Engine Results Page. Internal links are links between pages of your website, and external links are pages from your website to other sites or from other websites to yours. Having plenty of internal links helps search engines access and index all the pages in your website. And winning links from other high quality websites to your own is one of the best ways to boost your website’s ranking