If you work in a creative field - designing, writing or photography, for example - and particularly if you're a freelancer, then you're all too familiar with clients from hell. Yes, they're the ones who haven't a clue what they really want, have no idea about their actual target audience, exhibit a complete lack of appreciation for your education, skills, effort and passion, wouldn't know a great piece of writing/design/photography if it hit them in the face (of course they could do it better themselves - that's why the hired you, right?) and - best of all - don't think that you deserve actual payment for services rendered. Now, I know you feel like reaching across the desk and choking the living daylights out of these choice clients, but  - as one Brett Halliday wrote back in 1963, Never Kill a Client (intriguing title - think I need to read and review this book!). Rather do this:
  • If a client makes you unhappy, drags your business down, can't be pleased, is unreasonable, takes your focus away from other work, messes you around and doesn't pay their bills, it's time to let them go
  • Make peace with your decision - don't be rash and act on impulse, out of annoyance, frustration or anger
  • Draft a professional letter or call them to explain that you aren't the best fit for them going forwards. Thank them for their time and support and, if you can, recommend any contacts you have that could take on their work
  • Take care of any loose ends and wrap up all projects and admin in a professional and courteous manner. 
Now, Put a Smile on Your Dial!
Nothing like a good laugh to ease those client frustrations. Take five and watch this video:

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