Sadly, most of us have done it, at one time or another. Shared pics of ourselves enjoying a good night out on the town with our mates. However, much like drinking and driving, drinking and social media just don't mix. There's a very good reason why you should leave your phone at home or, at the very least, ensure that you tighten up your privacy settings next time you and your drinking buddies hit the pub - your employer is watching you! According to a recent study by nearly 40% of human resource and hiring managers conduct online background checks on prospective employees.

Erm, What is Drinking and Facebooking?
It's the act of posting outlandish, somewhat embarrassing, sometimes derogatory comments  - often related to ex romantic partners or your boss and work colleagues - on your Facebook profile whilst intoxicated (Urban Dictionary). Of course, this behaviour isn't limited to Facebook - you can also Instagram dodgy photos of yourself partying at the strip joint downtown or tweet about your big booze-binges...

Online Reputation Management

Recurrent drunken Facebook behaviour can actually give you a bad online reputation - which means your professional contacts are more likely to take you less seriously, hindering career advancement and job prospects. Think of yourself as a brand - you want people to see Brand You in the best possible light, right? Here are our top five online management tips:
  1. Google Yourself - periodically check up on what information connected to you is available on the world wide web; clean up that which you can and take positive steps to mitigate that which cannot be removed
  2. Privatise - Engage privacy settings on those social media profiles where you wish to keep certain information between you and your friends only (for example, don't allow people to tag you in photos or post to your wall without your permission)
  3. Don't mix business and pleasure - you may wish to consider maintaining distinct social media profiles for professional and private purposes
  4. Don't friend everyone - alternatively, think very carefully about with whom you connect so that potentially sensitive material isn't shared in the wrong circles
  5. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - make sure you and your physical friends are on the same page with regards to what can and can't be posted to social media sites. 
Just how dangerous is it to use social media while under the influence? Take a look at this infographic (courtesy of Addvocate and Ravan's PR Daily).

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