Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and having a good giggle really does seem to melt away the stress of a long, hard work year. Elf Yourself is just the ticket for some light relief around the office...

So you think your elf can dance?

What's Elf Youself?
Don't know it? Well, then, you're missing out! Elf Yourself is an annual festive season campaign by US office supplies chain OfficeMax. They first introduced this wonderful website/application to us back in 2006 and what was conceived as a one-off thing is now a firm tradition, after going viral on the Interwebs (a great example of content marketing, folks). It's easy to see why it works! Easy to make, simple to share and good, festive fun! If you haven't Elfed Yourself yet, it's time! Here's me doing the Charleston...Enjoy!