Are you thinking about revamping your website, or developing a new site for your organisation? While skimping on costs by writing copy yourself – or delegating the task to an ill-equipped underling – might seem appealing, you really should think carefully about adding a line item in your budget for commissioning a professional web copywriter. Here’s why…

  1. A professional web copywriter knows how to pitch your products – Your website is a 24/7 salesperson. As such, it needs to be a customer-centric space which first informs site visitors about your products, and then persuades them to buy. But, just like in real life, where potential buyers can be put off by a pushy salesperson who over-sells, so too does your website need to sell softly. One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur writers is to create copy which is too ‘loud’. Instead of attracting people, it has the reverse effect, pushing them away. Research has shown that readers react more positively to informative copy, which emphasises the value products and services can add to their lives. Writing sales copy is a special skill. A professional web copywriter knows how to craft copy which contains a subtle – or covert – sales message, which draws readers in, and makes use of strongly written calls to action.
  2. A professional web copywriter knows how to use words to build your brand – Your website is an important channel for brand communication. Simply put, poorly written content – spelling errors, poor grammar and a lack of linguistic style – reflects badly on your brand. Content crafted by a professional web copywriter, on the other hand, does the opposite, creating a professional and credible brand image for your organisation.
  3. A professional web copywriter saves you time Search engines love fresh content. This means that your website needs to be fed fresh material on a constant and consistent basis. Visitors thrive on fresh content, too, and if you want to keep visitors coming back to your site, you need to give them something new. In addition, you need to keep tabs on where your website is ranking on the search engine results page and where your competitors’ websites are ranking, and search engine optimise your web content accordingly, at regular intervals. Do you – the busy business owner or manager – really have the time to dedicate to this vitally important task? Rather outsource the job to a professional web copywriter, and use your time to do what you do best – run your business.
  4.  A professional web copywriter saves you money – While you may think that spending money on hiring a professional web copywriter is an expense you can’t afford, the truth is, you can’t afford not to. Not only do professional web copywriters have expertise, skills and knowledge that you don’t have, but, in the long run, hiring a writer will save you cash. Consider your own hourly rate – what your customers pay you for your time and expertise – and the number of hours it will take you, a non-writer, to undertake a web content writing job. Now, consider the cost of hiring a professional web copywriter to do the job for you. Which do you think is the most cost-effective use of your resources? That’s right – the professional web copywriter!
  5. A professional web copywriter will enhance your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Do you know how to write search engine optimised copy? Probably not. That’s because it’s the domain of specialist web copywriters called SEO copywriters. SEO is becoming increasingly important in web development.  Basically, search engine optimised web content is more easily searchable by search engines and so the better optimised your copy, the higher up the search rankings your website will appear. So, if your web content hasn’t yet been optimised, hire an SEO copywriter now!