Most business owners realise the importance of having an online presence, but while many owners and managers are prepared to allocate sizeable budgets to website design, developing high quality web content is often ignored. However, spending time, money and effort on ensuring that your web content is top notch is a smart marketing move. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should be investing in web content…

#1. Good Web Content Owns the SERP

The Search Engine Results Page – or SERP – is that page which comes up when you enter a query into a search engine. The better quality your web content, the higher up it will feature in search rankings. This is because search engines reward quality content.

It’s of paramount importance that your web pages rank highly, since research suggests that search results presented ‘above the fold’ (that is, the top portion of the page visible on-screen, without scrolling down), have a higher click-through rate that those presented ‘below the fold’. In addition, research shows that people rarely click past the first three pages of search results, so if your web page doesn’t display in these first few pages, you’ve got problems. 

#2. Good Web Content Attracts Your Audience

Your web content has to appeal to two audiences – the first, your customers, and the second, the search engines.

The more you know about what your customers are searching for online, the better you can craft web copy which is relevant to their particular search queries. The more relevant potential customers think your web content is to them, the more likely they are to click through from the SERP to your web page.

But your web copy needs to attract, not only the attention of human readers searching for information, but also that of the search engines. Search engine ‘spiders’ crawl web pages, indexing them in a huge database. As people type in their queries, search engines check the keywords used in the search query against those indexed – not only looking for matching words, but also how those words are used, and how popular a web page is – and returns a match, ranking the most relevant results at the top, and the least relevant towards the bottom. Web copy which is written to appeal to search engines is known as Search Engine Optimised Web Content.

#3. Good Web Content Engages and Retains Visitors

Once someone has clicked through from the SERP to your web page, you need to keep them there as long as possible. Compelling web content will hold your visitors’ attention. Remember, quality content is useful content. The better your web content, the more credible and authoritative your organisation sounds. The more informative or educational your web content, the more relevant it is to your website’s visitors. They will linger on your website, discovering more about your business, products and services. And if your content is really good, chances are these visitors will come back, and even pass on a link to your site to people that they know, and who they think will be interested in what your website has to offer. The net result – increased traffic to your website!

#4. Good Web Content Converts Visitors into Customers

Quality content not only informs, educates or entertains, but is also persuasive. Your web copy should contain well-written calls-to-action. You’ve gleaned your visitors’ attention, now you want to convert their interest into a query or sale. Email us for a quote; Call this number or Order now are all examples of calls-to-action.

#5. Good Web Content Prevents Out-Optimisation

Investing in search engine optimised web content isn’t a once-off thing – it’s an ongoing process. Search engines reward fresh content, so you need to ensure that your website is updated regularly. You should also bear in mind that your customers needs or wants might change – what they were searching for yesterday, might not be what they’re searching for today – and your web copy needs to reflect these changes if it's to remain relevant. Don’t be out-optimised – if your competitors are investing more in their web content than you are, you’ll wind up being shoved down the SERP.