No stellar content is created without forethought. Before we writers start a piece of writing, we sit down at a café with a good cup of coffee, paper and pen, or we go to the whiteboard and grab a couple of differently coloured markers. We have a bit of a think and take a slurp of coffee. Then, we sketch things out. Sketching a story is free association - a random collection of creative ideas, thoughts and opinions go down on paper. Slowly, a clearer picture emerges out of this primordial soup of words and a story outline evolves. The outline is a more logical, formal plan of where the story is going and how it is to be composed. When we know what we want to write, how we're going to write it and, importantly, why we're going to write it, then, and only then, do we start to write. 

For some reason, folks don't seem to think editorial planning is important when publishing content online. They don't take the time to plot online content, and the result is ill-thought-out, poorly developed and badly told online brand stories. Developing quality web content is no different from developing any other type of content - think, sketch, outline and then write.

Need help planning online content? Content maps are a handy way to see how web content relates to client goals; and how content relates to other content, all at a glance. Read more about creating content maps.  

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