Recently, Marie Rocher Copywriting advertised for a Freelance Content Writer. Thank you all for your applications - the response to this position has been overwhelming, with hundreds of CVs received. Many of you have already requested feedback, so just to let you know that applications are now closed and the task of working through - and replying - to each and every one of you now begins. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard. 

Our criteria are quite specific. To recap what we were looking for, see below (the most pertinent points are highlighted in yellow): 

Experienced writer required to work on various web content writing projects, on a freelance basis. Focus areas include Medical; Business and Tourism/Lifestyle content. 

You must be able to:

·         Conduct thorough research

·         Conduct interviews, when necessary

·         Write in an engaging, punchy,  conversational tone

·         Produce original, factually correct content, free from grammar and punctuation errors

·         Turn around work quickly

·         Use technology effectively

·         Work sans drama and histrionics!

A candidate with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in English and/or Journalism is preferred.

A portfolio of published work in reputable publications, with experience in both a print and online environment, is non-negotiable.

A working knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation will be the clincher!

Ideal candidate will demonstrate tenacity; perseverance; a good work ethic and be of a pleasant disposition.