It’s a content crime of the most heinous nature – a small business owner puts up a website, or social media page, and then fails to pay it any attention going forwards. Just as criminal – new content is pushed to the site, but it lacks the necessary charisma to dazzle an audience (nor indeed the search algorithms). It’s a horror story that doesn’t end well – floundering content, alas, dragging the brand down with it, together forever doomed…

Out-of-date, out-of-touch, out-of-mind...

Killing it Softly?

Your website, blog or social media content is in the death throes if you can tick off two or more of these…

  • There’s a drop-off in traffic
  • Engagement is down
  • Requests for information or sales enquiries are fewer
  • You’re bored with what you’re posting.

Remember, stale is unappealing. Stale is dry, uninteresting and boring. Stale is counter-productive – would you choose the business who’s keeping it fresh or the one with the moth-balled website or musty social media profiles? It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Throw it a Lifeline!

Here’s what you need to do to resuscitate your content marketing efforts:

  1. Check your analytics – you want to dig deep to find out who’s visiting; from where; which pages are the most (and least popular); how many likes/shares/comments have been received, and so on…
  2. Do a full content inventory and audit – on a spreadsheet, count and list each page of your website and mark down the information gleaned from Analytics. Also thoroughly check the links to and from each page. Comb through the copy of each and every page to check for factual accuracies, spelling, grammar, style and tone.
  3. Throw out any underperforming content – be ruthless!
  4. Check up on your competitors – how does your site or social media profile(s) compare with their online presence?
  5. Create a mood board – collect and jot down inspirations from within your industry and beyond, from branding and user experience to content architecture and content
  6. Bring on board an outside voice to add perspective and fresh insight
  7. Define a new content strategy – make sure your content has a human face, as well as providing the nitty gritty on what you do
  8. Give existing content the once-over – revise contact details and facts about your team, products and services; fix spelling and language issues; pen catchy headlines and don’t forget to update your meta-data
  9. Reversion existing content for new mediums – for example, you can create an infographic out of a white paper, or a few social media graphics out of a long-form article
  10. Brainstorm new ideas for current mediums – Banish the bland and think like a newspaperman…be quirky, relevant to your audience, thought-provoking and original!

The Doctor is in!

No idea where to start? Stand back – this is a job for Marie Rocher Content Studio. Contact us for:

  • Content audits
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation.

Happy Halloween!