Time for us to walk on out of the office, and take a well-deserved break over the festive season...my, time flies when you're having fun!

Footloose and fancy-free...for a week or two!

Last year, we started a new tradition of making charitable contributions, in lieu of client gifts. This year, then, MARIE ROCHER COPYWRITING has made a donation to Monkey Helpline, so that they can give the monkeys in their care the bananas they love so much. Monkey Helpline is an organisation dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of the Vervet monkeys so common here in and around coastal KwaZulu-Natal. Unfortunately, with habitat destruction and the encroachment of human settlements, the Vervet monkeys too often find themselves in dangerous and life-threatening predicaments - being run over by cars, attacked by dogs or even shot by pellet gun-wielding humans. That's where Monkey Helpline steps in, anytime, anywhere! Should you ever see a monkey in distress, call their 24-hour emergency number: 082 659 4711 or 082 411 5444. Also visit their website to learn more about our clever and intriguing little monkey cousins. Note that Monkey Helpline busts several myths on the site, including the erroneous assumption that monkeys carry rabies - no Vervet monkey in South Africa has ever been recorded as being rabies-infected! Remember, Monkey Helpline doesn't charge for their services, so donations are most welcome - see more about how you can contribute over here

And, in the spirit of the season, may there be peace on earth, not just for humankind, but for our furry friends, as well! Merry Christmas!

PLEASE NOTE: MARIE ROCHER COPYWRITING will be closed from Monday, 22 December until Monday, 12 January, 2015. All requests for information and quotations will be attended to then.