Want web content that wows? Keep these ten points top-of-mind:
  1. Content is King - This is your space to punt your brand, so use it wisely!
  2. Keep it Tight - Too much copy can be intimidating to the online reader. Break up copy into bite-sized chunks.
  3. Headlines Make Good - Snappy titles will get the readers' attention
  4. The Hook - A well-crafted and concise lead takes your reader from the headline into the body copy. If you don't get the lead right, you'll lose the reader!
  5. Body Beautiful - While it's important to optimise your copy for SEO, don't neglect to craft your writing so that it makes sense to a human being
  6. Style Never Goes Out of Fashion - Web copy crafted by a non-writer can tend towards the inelegant, especially if they're only concerned with repeating SEO keywords - very off-putting. On the other hand, no reader can resist a seriously stylish piece of writing. 
  7. Spelling Bee - Spelling and grammar are hugely important. Nothing screams unprofessional and amateur louder then poor spelling and bad grammar!
  8. Font Fantastic - From a readability point of view, sans serif fonts work better online than serif fonts, so hold the curlz text
  9. Think Minimalist - Well-considered white space is aesthetically pleasing - clean, classy and contemporary - and makes reading a more enjoyable experience
  10. The Write Stuff - Hire a professional writer to craft you bespoke web copy - isn't your brand worth it?