Love 'em or hate 'em, one thing's for sure, they've taken the FIFA 2010 World Cup by storm. And this month, a story by South African Marie Rocher is proving one of the favourite smories on
What's a smorie, you ask? Smories have been dubbed the perfect bridge between the traditional book and the future of digital storytelling. is an innovative website where children can watch short films of other children narrating stories. Say creators Lisa and Ralph Swerling, such a website, with a continuous flow of new stories, read aloud by kids, makes a healthy destination for children looking for entertainment. 'Just access the site on your i-phone et voila!' says Ralph.
50 new smories are added each month and can be accessed free of charged. Shortly, users will be able to filter by theme of content, create playlists or downloads as an i-pad or smartphone application.
Smories also provides both published and unpublished writers with a fabulous new platform to showcase their talent.

is a five-minute story following soccer-loving Vuyo on his quest to own a vuvuzela. When Vuyo counts his pocket money, he is happy that he has enough money to go see his favourite team play with his friends. But when he doesn't have enough money to buy a vuvuzela, his Dad shows him how he can make one of his own...


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