I take my work and your deadlines and budget seriously. In short, I deliver the goods. So, imagine my frustration and disappointment when I encounter clients who don’t hold up their end of the bargain, withholding payment for SEO copywriting services rendered, for no good reason. Not cool! Here’s why I insist on an upfront deposit from clients before an SEO copywriting project begins:

No Pay, No Way!

To get on my writing schedule and reserve my time

In my rates card and commissioning document, I request clients to pay a 50% deposit before an SEO project begins, with the balance due on completion of the project (that is, before I hand over final copy). I’m upfront about these terms and conditions from the beginning so that clients aren’t confronted with any nasty surprises once they decide to run with a project.

My freelance SEO copywriting business is a busy one, and paying your deposit timeously ensures that you get on to my writing schedule (written up on the all-important white board!). Think about it logically; whose project would you imagine I’d rather work on – a client who’s already made a financial commitment to a project, or one who hasn’t (and maybe never will)?

Your deposit also reserves my time. The moment I begin a project, I’m incurring costs on that project. Paying your deposit is your recognition of that fact, and that you appreciate my time, effort and expertise.

To manage the cash flow of my business

If you’re an entrepreneur or manager in a corporate business, then you know that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.  For some reason, other business people imagine freelance writers to be merely tinkering around on the proverbial typewriter, and not running a real business. Wrong! Although I enjoy what I do immensely, I’m not doing it just for fun, but to turn a profit – just like you. Securing deposits from clients keeps cash flow ticking. Managing my cash flow responsibly shows you, the client, that I’m not a flaky freelancer but a serious businessperson.

To offer highly competitive rates

As a result of managing cash flow successfully, I’m able to offer highly competitive rates. Larger agencies may offer terms – like 30 or 60 days payment – but their rates are higher, too. I pass on the savings made from responsible cash flow management to you, the client. And, relieved of the stress of money woes, I can focus 100% on the job at hand – your SEO content writing.

To discourage the non-payment of fees

Working on a project without any upfront payment means that I’m absorbing all the financial risk for the project. Unfortunately, it’s an all-too-familiar scenario for freelance writers – handing over an SEO copywriting project, on time and on budget, and then never hearing from the client again. Clients who’re unwilling to pay deposits, or who drag their heels on payment of deposits, are generally those clients who take forever to settle the final invoice (if they ever do, at all). So, by strictly enforcing a policy of requesting deposits, I’m able to weed out the good clients from the bad, saving myself a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the process. As a businessperson yourself, I’m sure you’d say that’s fair deuce