Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who has recently launched a website? Now that your website is live, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that one more task can finally be ticked off your to-do list. Don’t rest on your laurels…websites need to be maintained if they’re to climb to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and stay there. Posting search engine optimised (SEO) content regularly and consistently is the key to conquering the SERP. Get going with this three-step SEO maintenance plan

Step #1: Daily Tweets via Twitter

What is Twitter? Twitter is an online social networking website, which currently has around 200 million users, or Tweeps (‘Twitter peeps’), worldwide. Described as a microblogging site, Twitter allows users to post short text messages (up to 140 characters), called Tweets. Tweets can include images and links to web pages. Tweets are public; they are visible in the Twitter newsfeed and can be indexed through search engines like Google. When other tweeps read a tweet of yours they like, they may choose to follow you. The more interesting the content you post on Twitter, and the more relevant to a niche audience, the more followers you’re likely to collect. The more followers you have, the more page views your web pages are likely to garner. Aim to post one tweet per day, and make sure it contains your SEO keyword.

Step #2 Weekly SEO Blog Posts

The word blog is derived from the phrase web log. A blog is basically an online journal or commentaries on a given topic. Your blog can either be part of your website, or housed on a blog site, like Blogger. Blogs can contain text, images and links to other web pages. Adding keyword-rich content to your blog on a regular and consistent basis will not only enhance your website’s search engine optimisation, but will also help attract new visitors to your website and give existing visitors fresh reading material. Publish at least one genuinely useful search engine optimised blog post (of at least 150 words) per week.

Step #3: Monthly SEO Articles

An SEO article is a feature article of 800-1200 words, the optimum length for SEO. SEO articles really give you the chance to shine – giving you the space, not only to give your brand, products and services a good punt, but to really work those keywords. Well written, compelling SEO articles increase the chances of your website being linked to by other sites; of repeat visits from those who’ve already taken a peek at your website, and of your web pages being indexed by search engines. Aim to add one search engine optimised article to your website every month.