Hello, I'm Marie Rocher

Curious content geek, marketing maverick, and fervent fan of everything digital!

Louise Sanders, Limelight Websites

Marie is one of those people with whom I love to work! She's professional, incredibly smart and takes on each project, whether 80 words or 800 words with the same amount of vigour and focus. Over the last few years, Marie has contributed hundreds of articles to our various web directories - the articles are always polished, well researched and written with SEO principles in mind, which makes my job so much easier. In addition, she regularly contributes ideas and offers her own suggestions about what to write, which I have found invaluable as a business owner (with no background in writing). In short, she gets stuck!"

Robin Malan, Chairperson, IBBY SA

You succeeded in getting us interview time on Nancy Richard's Otherwise slot on SAfm in a week when the pressure for airtime was considerable. And then there is the Facebook group you set up for us...[that includes] in its reach the Rev. Mpho Tutu in Toronto, 340ml musician Paulo Chibango and theatre director Bruce Hostetler  in Portland, Oregon.

Werner Van Dyk, Creative Natives 

Marie’s copy is always well researched, on time and within budget. We will definitely be back and would gladly recommend Marie to any of our clients.

George de Bruin, Medihelp Medical Scheme

Marie Rocher is an innovative copywriting expert – she successfully engages her target audience and renders texts of excellent quality, relevant content and current approach. She writes well, she writes on time, and she writes on budget.

Rozena Maart, Fiction Author

I found Marie's work to be thorough, thoughtful and expansive, and she made concerted efforts to publicise my work in as many avenues as possible. She has a broad range of skills, both written and verbal, and knows the writing market inside out; so much so that she is able to connect with people in places one often thinks may be almost impossible. She is well-read, as publicists and agents ought to be, and considerate in her dealings with people, putting her presence above those who slumber in thwarted uncertainty. Marie always has a plan...and her plan always works!

Gloria Marsay, Psychologist, Author and Career Consultant

I believe that books are socially constructed. People and their stories are the fabric from which all books are created.  As author, I needed encouragement and a supportive space in which I could reflect and bounce ideas.  I thank Marie for her constructive suggestions, enthusiasm, and expertise in the creation of my book, Career? Sorted! Her assistance was invaluable.

Arabella Koopman, Publisher

Very rarely does one find creativity, tenacity and skill rolled into one! What a pleasure it was to have worked alongside someone who co-created the vision, defined the direction and then delivered something out-of-the-ordinary every single time.


Anna Rich, Senior Editor: FAIRLADY Magazine

Marie Rocher writes regularly for FAIRLADY magazine – and we’ll keep her on board for as long as she’s willing to contribute. In a budget-conscious environment, we certainly don’t begrudge this spend! She is the consummate professional. Her articles are of exceptional quality: beautifully and tightly written, well researched, topical, relevant, perfectly structured. Her pitches are perfectly on point: she has clearly taken the time to understand our approach. And the final product never disappoints – the promise suggested in the pitch is fulfilled. Also, she delivers to her deadlines – or before. It’s no doubt obvious from the preceding comments that we’d give Marie an unqualified recommendation – even though we really wish we could keep her all to ourselves!

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